Hello everyone,

I am Sharmila, born and raised in Nepal. I moved to USA 6 years ago and did not have any idea about cooking. Most of you might have been on the same boat. So, after moving to this country I missed every bit of Nepal and specially the food. Just in case I have not told you, my mom is a very good cook and she makes very delicious Nepali dishes. I do not want to say I loved cooking but hate the feeling of cleaning all the dishes afterward.

Every now and then I still have  to call my mom for the recipes and I am still learning. When I was in Nepal, I was my mommy’s spoiled girl but when I came here in US, I had no other option than  to cook it myself. It has been a disaster at the beginning but slowly I learned cooking by reading others blogs and watching YouTube videos. Now, my friends find it hard to believe that I cook but I do.

You might be wondering why my blog’s name is Babu’s Cooking. Well, it’s because of my wonderful dog BABU. He is a yellow lab packed with full of energy and happiness. Ever since he came to my life, my life has been full of fun and joy. I learned so many things from him and love being with him all the time.

That’s all about me. I hope you guys will enjoy my recipes and share with others if you like it.

FYI, the man on my YouTube video is my husband. He helped me put together YouTube videos and also made this website from scratch.