Aloo Til Ko Achar (Spicy Potato Salad)

Aloo Til Ko Achar (Spicy Potato Salad)

By August 10, 2012

This is one of my favorite recipe and this reicpe is very popular in Nepal. There are different varieties of it and everyone has their own style of making this recipe. This is my version of the recipe using ground Sesame and it is very hot and spicy.

  • Prep Time : 10 minutes
  • Cook Time : 20 minutes
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1. Cut the boiled potatoes into desired piece and add put it in a bowl.
2. Then add the ground Sesame.
3. Add Szechwan pepper, red chilli and salt to tate
4. After that heat up the pan on a high flame and add 1 table spoon of oil.
5. Add fenugreek seed and stir it until it is brown.
6. Add tureric powder and Stir it for 3-4 seconds.
7. Then pour the mixture on the potatoes
8. Add 1 and half table spoon of lemon juice, sliced green clillies and cilantro.
9. The mixture might be hot so Wait for 20-30 seconds and then mix all the ingredients.
10. Sprinkle some water to give it a nice gravy look and mix it well.
11. Now "Aloo Til ko Achar" is ready to be served.

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