Goat Curry Nepali Style

Goat Curry (Nepali Style)

By May 19, 2014

Hello everyone,

Today, I decided to travel extra miles as I was craving for some goat curry. It's so hard to find Goat meat in local grocery store. But it was worth the travel as I was able to find some Goat meat in one of the local Indian halal store. It has always been my favorite dish and it is highly requested recipe both on my YouTube and FB page. I hope you guys will enjoy as much as I enjoyed making it.

  • Prep Time : 10 minutes
  • Cook Time : 30-45 minutes



1. Heat the pressure cooker on a high heat and add canola oil.

2. Add the sliced onion and stir it until it's lightly brown in color.

3. Add the goat meat and stir it on medium heat until it changes it's color from red to brown and oozes some water.

4. At this point add some salt according to your taste and some turmeric powder and let it simmer for few seconds.

5. Once meat start to dry out, add your ginger/garlic paste,red chilli powder and stir it until oil starts to separate.

6. Now add your meat curry masala and keep on stirring.

7. Add your chopped tomatoes and stir it,also add 250 ml of water at the same time.

8. Close the lid and cook it on a high heat until you get 3-4 whistles.You can make your gravy consistency according to your personal preferences.

9. Transfer your cooked goat meat to a bowl and garnish it with some fresh cilantro.

10. Now  It's ready to be served with steamed Basmati rice or Pulao.

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Goat Curry garnished with ClinantroLightly browned OnionGoat meat with OnionGoat meat mixed with all spices Finished version of Goat meatGoat meat ready to be served with Golveda ko Achar and Pulao
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